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How CRIS got started...


In September 2009, the Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce (GCACC) conducted a feasibility study to examine the need for senior housing in the local area. After numerous focus groups and surveys, the study concluded that not only was there a need for senior housing, but there was also an increasing want for senior services in the community.  The concept of connecting residents and promoting an improved quality of life for seniors was envisioned and Community Resources for Independent Seniors (CRIS) was formed.

The CRIS mission is to develop and coordinate supportive services for individuals 55 and older living in the Cazenovia, Nelson and Fenner areas.  The goal of these services is to help seniors stay active and engaged in our community and assist with aging in place.  

 CRIS is considered to be the center point for accessing information about events, services and vendors of interest to seniors and their families in the community. 

Additionally, CRIS also identifies, advocates for, attracts and implements other services identified as wanted and needed in the local area.

Currently CRIS provides direct services to individuals via the    CRIS-CAT (Cazenovia Area Transportation) program, various community educational presentations, and the TimeBank program.

2018 Fourth of July Parade

2018 Fourth of July Parade

Staff members

CRIS Staff

CRIS has a lot of volunteers that help keep neighbors at home.  We also have two staff members that keep the wheels turning.  

Karisha Solomon - Executive Director

Mary Bartlett - Timebank Coordinator

Volunteer positions that work on a regular basis:

Allisyn Roszel- CRIS CAT Coordinator 

Tracy Palmer  - CRIS CAT scheduler 

                               - CRIS CAT scheduler

                               - CRIS CAT scheduler

                               - CRIS CAT scheduler

                               - CRIS CAT scheduler


Board of Directors


Board Members

Jean Shirley- President/ Housing Committee

Robert Ridler - Vice President

Diane Ryan - Treasurer/ Aging in Place Committee

Peter Barth - Secretary

Allisyn Roszel- CRIS CAT Committee

Theo Gilmore- Housing Committee

Julie Harney - Aging in Place Committee

Tracy Palmer - CRIS CAT Committee

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