What is TimeBank


CRIS TimeBank is one of the programs created by the organization CRIS.  A time banks is a platform where members pool and trade skills, bypassing money as a measure of value.  Time banks are based on the premise that everyone has something to contribute.  it might be cooking a meal, replacing a missing button, fixing a leaky faucet, or providing financial record keeping advice.  Members offer the sills they have to other members, and in exchange they receive the services they need. 

How does the CRIS TimeBank work?


Each member has a TimeBank account.  members offer their services to other members and earn TimeBank hours, one hour for each hour of service provided.  These hours can be exchanged for services offered by other members.  

Who can join CRIS TimeBank?


Adults 21+ who live in the Cazenovia, Nelson, and Fenner area are invited to apply for membership.  

Is there a membership fee?


No, there is NO membership fee.  CRIS TimeBank membership is completely free.  

What if I need help, but cannot provide services to others?


CRIS TimeBank maintains a pool of hourst to be used by members who are unable to earn hours due to illness or disability.  Members who prefer not to accumulate hours in their own account can contribute to this account. 



Interested in becoming a member? 

You can register on the CRIS TimeBank Community website: www.cris.timebanks.org 

Who coordinates TimeBank?

Mary Bartlett is our TimeBank coordinate.  She has a love of community and helping you discover your personal skills to offer.  


What if I do not have computer access?

Call the CRIS office 655-5743 

5 Core Values of time banking


1. Assets

We all have something to give. Everyone can make positive contributions.  

2. Community

People helping each other reweaves communities of strength and trust. 

3. Redefining Work

Building community is real work that time banking recognizes and rewards.  

4. Reciprocity

Helping works better as a two way street.  We want to promote mutual giving and receiving.  

5. Respect

Our common humanity calls for each individual to be deserving of respect 

Contact Us

Mary Bartlett- TimeBank Coordinator

2662 Highway 20, Cazenovia, NY 13035, USA

(315) 655-5743 www.cris.timebanks.org https://www.facebook.com/CazenoviaTimeBank/ marycbartlett@gmail.com