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How CRIS CAT started


CRIS CAT (Cazenovia Area Transportation) is a branch of the main organization CRIS (Community Resources for Independent Seniors).  In 2008 a Comprehensive Plan identified the lack of local transportation for residents and this was later confirmed with the Feasibility Plan for Senior Housing in 2009.   The CRIS committee met with several other nearby communities who have similar programs to find out how their programs worked.  The CRIS CAT program was then tailored to suit the needs of Cazenovia, Nelson and Fenner.  

What is medical transportation?


Medical transportation includes any medical, dental or related appointments.  All our staff and volunteers have filled out a confidentiality agreement.  You are asked to let us know the type and location of your visit so we can better serve your needs.   

Where will CRIS CAT travel to?


CRIS CAT is designed to serve local rides.  The program is primarily for trips within the three townships.  We will travel to Cazenovia, Nelson, Fenner, Chittenango, Fayetteville-Manlius, Hamilton, New Woodstock, Erieville and Syracuse.  No rides to Liverpool or North Syracuse.  Please see the  other ride options.  

Who can use CRIS CAT?


CRIS CAT provides community residents 55 or older living in Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson medical transportation.  

How much does it cost?


CRIS CAT is a no cost volunteer medical transportation program.  However, we encourage passengers to support the CRIS CAT expenses with a donation at will.  Our drivers are volunteers but we have other costs for the program that are needed to sustain the program.  

How to request a ride?


An application can be downloaded for new passengers.  All passengers need to be approved before a ride can be requested.  If you are already a passenger you can call the CRIS CAT line 315-655-0612 and leave a message for a scheduler.  The scheduler will call you back with details of your ride.  You must allow 5-7 days in advance of your appointment.  Business hours are 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday.  

Walmart Bus


The Bernie Bus/ Madison County transit and CRIS CAT provide travel to the Oneida Walmart the 2nd Thursday of each month with pick ups at Carriage House Apartments at 9:30 am and 24 nelson Street Apartments at 9:45 am.  The Bus returns at 1:00 pm.  CRIS will pay for your ride so there is no charge for this service.  Sign up sheets are posted the 1st of the month at the Carriage House managers office and 24 Nelson Community room or you can call CRIS CAT 655-0612.  

How to become a volunteer driver


We are seeking volunteer drivers and schedulers.  You can drive as much or as little as you would like. You can also specify the distance you are willing to travel or if you only want to take local rides.  We encourage you to volunteer even if you are only in NY part of the year.   Drivers must complete the driver's abstract, confidentiality form and application.  You will receive a manual and training upon confirmation of your application approval.  

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Other Ride Options


CRIS CAT is a volunteer program and we can not guarantee you a ride.  We are not meant to be a long term solution but a community support to help keep you as a vital and active community member.  Please utilize other support as much as possible.  See other ride options below for local transportation. 

Volunteer responsibilities


A qualified driver will have the ability to get along with others, patience, sensitive and caring attitude. Good driving record and well maintained vehicle. CRIS has the right to deny any volunteer.  



CRIS CAT phone 315-655-0612

CRIS CAT phone line is for messages and a scheduler will call you back.  

Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

5-7  business days needed for a ride request. 

 A limit of 24 rides a year per person are allowed.

A maximum of 2 rides per week are allowed.  

Rides are not guaranteed. 

Passengers must fill our an application and be approved before the first ride. 

Passengers need to be mobile themselves (no walkers or support needed)

We do not escort passengers into the appointments. 

Passengers are responsible for all parking fees.  

If a doctor has more than one office we ask you to schedule at the closest office.

You may need to ride share if going to the same area at the same time. 

We never charge a fee but donations are appreciated and important.  

The average trip is 40 miles and CRIS CAT provides an average of 500 rides a year.  

Donating to CRIS CAT


The success of CRIS CAT comes from our volunteers but we do however have expenses like any other business.  We appreciate any amount of donation to help cover the cost of insurance, paperwork, office personnel and of course appreciating our drivers on a regular basis.  We would like the CRIS CAT program to continue to grow to meet the increasing needs and we can not do that without your support.